Dr. Hickman has successfully treated hundreds of patients with a variety of health problems. Here some of them are sharing how their life quality has been improved through Dr. Hickman 's caring touch and the resulting pain relief they experienced


In July of 2009 I had twins by C-section. Within a couple weeks we started giving them chiropractic care on an as needed basis. Jack experienced some gas and acid reflux so we took him in and within a couple visits he no longer had an issue. Then at around 3 months we noticed our daughter Madison was favoring turning her head to one side. When she went in for her well visit her doctor told us to just start holding her on the opposite side and turning her head at night. We started doing that but noticed it was no longer just her favoring one side but that she was actually unable to turn her head the other way without some pain. Even more frightening was that when she laid on her stomach and we turned her head to the "bad" side she would turn purple almost immediately. After just a few days of this we got her in to see Dr. Hickman and within 3 adjustments she had full mobility of her neck and no longer has a favorite side. We are grateful to Dr. Hickman for his care and expertise and can only imagine how Maddie might be today if we had not taken her to him. Our entire family of 5 continues to see Dr. Hickman on a regular basis and we have seen incredible benefits to our three children because of this.
Thanks Doc!



I was born with scoliosis and had all kinds of health problems all my life. I was blessed to have a cousin marry a Gonstead Chiropractor 38 years ago. They lived in Colorado Springs. The first time we visited them, he saw my back problem just by looking at me. I was told that I would be going to the clinic the next morning for x-rays and exam. After seeing the results of my exam I was told that I had better get on a good Chiropractic program or I would be in a wheelchair within five years. I returned back home and started going to one Chiropractor and than to another. The last one I went to was a Chiropractor that felt if he got your head back on the axis then the rest of your spine would line up correctly. Well, my 71 year old bones are stubborn and would not line up like they should. That Chiropractor sent me to Dr. Walter Hickman. What a God send, another Gonstead Chiropractor. Dr Hickman said that he would get me free of pain. He worked on me and I felt so much better but I still was not completely free of pain. Dr. Hickman said that I needed to have a series of decompression treatments to free me of pain. WOW !!!! I couldn't believe how good it felt to be pain free. At first I hurt in the mornings and at the end of the day, but as time went by, I finally became pain free. Halleluiah, Praise the Lord for bringing me to Dr Hickman and the wonderful Decompression Machine. I am a person and not a number at Your Family Chiropractic Care. Dr. Hickman and Cecile make you feel like you are very special and that they really care about you. AND THEY DO!!!!! I wish them the Lord’s riches blessings for ALL the wonderful care they give to ALL their patients.


Before visiting Dr. Hickman (I was referred by by my WONDERFUL endocrinologist) I had pain in my lower back for 6 years, pain in my right shoulder for 5 years and a tremor in my right hand for 6-7 years that has been gradually increasing with time. In attempts to determine causes for these problems I had Xrays, MRIs, dye studies, brain scans, cortisone shots, primary care & psychiatric evaluations, physical therapy, and chiropractic care, but none helped to any degree, nor was the true cause of any of these determined. My diagnoses prior to Dr. Hickman were: hand tremor normal to old age; right shoulder pain due to rotator cuff problems; and lower back pain due to slightly damaged vertebrae and minor arthritis. On my first visit Dr. Hickman took Xrays, examined me & discussed the pain I was experiencing. Then he treated what HE determined to be the problems. For my hand tremor, he did a gentle adjustment to my neck, which stopped the tremor immediately. For my shoulder he did another gentle adjustment, with my arm in a certain position not related to rotator cuff, and my range of motion was immediately increased by about 80% with only minor discomfort. With a couple more weeks of regular treatment all pain and discomfort was gone. My "lower back" problem (which I had been telling all of my previous caregivers was NOT in my spine but over my left pelvic bone, about halfway between my spine & my hipbone) he determined to be coming from a joint that is actually located on that big flat bone - something I was not aware even existed. He did another of those gentle adjustments - which I admit did hurt due to years of being out of place - and I felt immediate improvement upon moving around. It was still tender & sore of course, but I could tell it was better. After one week the change I could feel was dramatic - I no longer was stiff and in pain from sitting on my couch for longer than a few minutes or from driving my car more than 15 minutes. The soreness that remained was only fractional, and it too abated within another week. NONE of the Dr's I had been to in the last few years or the treatments I had tried produced even a fraction of the results I had in one visit to this clinic. I was absolutely amazed, partially because after all that time and all those doctors one does tend to lose their initial positive outlook on getting effective help, and partially because even if someone did manage to help, I certainly didn't expect it to be so quick!!! I am well aware that not all problems can be resolved as quickly as mine were, but in my case all it took was figuring out what TRULY was the problem and addressing it in an effective way. I am still amazed at the ongoing improvement & relief, even tho it has been several weeks since that first treatment and it's drastic results. Two other things I would like to mention are: 1) All of Dr Hickman's adjustments have been smooth and gentle instead of the wrenching I have experienced before; and 2) he and his wonderful staff are always so warm and friendly that it feels good to go in there and see them - kind of like a visit to home. That in itself goes a long way to healing in my opinion!
Thank you, Thank you, Dr. Hickman and staff!!


I am a 75 year old lady who has had a bad back for years. I met Dr. Hickman a while back and I asked him if he thought he could help me? He told me that he would do his best and he did. What I liked about him was that he took x-rays, showed them to me, told me what he saw and he only worked on the places that needed treatment. I also liked the fact that he treats each person for their own needs and doesn't do the same treatment on everyone. I want you to know I can walk without pain, can go up and down steps normally again. I am physically and mentally feeling fine. No more pain and no more pain pills. It's great! I think he is a wonderful chiropractor! Keep up the good work Doc!


My 11 month old daughter’s behavior had been uncharacteristically agitated, and her sleep consistently fitful and interrupted. I brought my daughter, Charlotte, to Dr. Hickman for two reasons: he came recommended because of his thoroughness during examination, and his calm bedside manner.


Like lots of parents, I wondered if Charlotte’s fussy behavior and poor sleep had something to do with new teeth coming in, maybe an ear infection was to blame, or maybe this is just a baby being a baby. After more nights than I’d like to remember of little to no sleep, and her pediatrician telling me there was nothing that could be done, I made a drowsy call to Dr. Hickman’s office. He and office manager Cecile worked us in quickly, and I was pleasantly surprised by how calm Charlotte was during his examination of her. She laid still and quiet while Dr. Hickman described calmly to both of us what he was doing and why. By the time he performed the adjustment, Charlotte and I were at ease. Afterwards, I buckled up my little one into her car seat and got moving towards home; I checked the rearview mirror minutes later only to find Charlotte heavily asleep. She stayed asleep all the way back home to Sugar Land, and later slept through the night and for several nights after. About 10 days after her initial exam and adjustment with Dr. Hickman, my daughter’s sleep started to become more fitful, and her mood less predictable, so I brought her in for a second appointment. That second appointment was over a month ago, and except for a very rare one or two nights, her sleep has been restful and consistent during her naps and bedtime, and her mood more predictable - despite her trying hard to move into the terrible 2’s!


If you have a little one, don’t think twice about bringing them to Cy-Fair Back and Neck Clinic, and to Dr. Hickman – if your child is sleeping like a baby, then so are you.


I was referred to Dr. Hickman one month ago. My lower back pain which radiated down my right leg to the knee was so bad that I could barely walk or stand. After reviewing my x-rays and the information I had given, he felt confident he could help me. After my third adjustment the pain started to diminish. Thank you, Dr. Hickman, for giving me back my life that this terrible pain had taken away. And Thank you, Lord, for answering prayer.


I have been going to Dr. Hickman since his Cypress office opened. I have an office in the same complex as Dr. Hickman. One day I took a fall in our parking lot out side of our office. We had no first aid kit so I hobbled over to Dr. Hickman's office for help. I had hurt my knee in the fall, torn my pants, and had blood running down my leg. Dr. Hickman helped immediately. He first cleaned my knee up and then took an x-ray of the knee. I had to much swelling for him to do any kind of adjustment. I was in a lot of pain and was told to go home elevate and ice the knee and return the next day for another look. I came back the following afternoon and Dr. Hickman adjusted the knee and the pain was relieved instantly. I did return for two more adjustments and the knee has been fine ever since the fall. Thanks Dr. Hickman for taking the time out of your day to help an injured person who just walked into your office. You’re the best!


I just want to say how satisfied I am with Dr. Hickman, his staff, and the quality of life he is helping me to achieve. I wish I had found him years ago and I highly recommend Your Family Chiropractic Care to anyone.


My wife and I moved to Cypress in the summer of 2007 to be near our little granddaughter. I have been under chiropractic care for approximately 10 years for arthritis and old injuries from a hit-and-run driver when I was a teenager. I also had a total hip replacement a year and a half ago. At 76 I am in need of mobility and flexibility in order to pursue my hobbies of cooking, gardening, workshop projects, and running after an active 22-months-old grandchild. Between the stress of the move and going a few months without chiropractic care, I was in poor physical shape and I was a bit apprehensive about finding another chiropractor who could keep this old bag of bones functioning.


I was fortunate to find Dr. Walter Hickman. He not only relieved my pain, but he restored my optimistic outlook which is vital to someone in their "twilight years". I now have one of the best vegetable gardens I have ever enjoyed, I have built a beautiful workshop in my garage, and I can keep up with an active little grandbaby.
All is beautiful. Thanks, doc!


I have been going to Dr. Hickman for just over a year and during that year I have had two major flare-ups with my Multiple Sclerosis. Both times I have been adjusted by Dr. Hickman and within two weeks the numbness and pain issues were all resolved. This last flare up resulted in numbness from my chest down making it very difficult to walk. With the encouragement from Dr. Hickman and his staff I remained as active as possible and didn’t give up. I won’t lie and say that it was an easy two weeks but again Dr. Hickman’s professionalism and ability to educate me on the ways my body was healing was very reassuring and helped me on my road to my recovery.


Many times after my adjustment I felt the need to just relax. Dr. Hickman usually had a patient come in the office after my appointment and was not able to sit and chat, but the staff always makes me feel at home and the environment of the office lends itself to a very comfortable and home-like environment. I encourage anyone that has doubts about Chiropractic medicine to check out Cy-Fair Back and Neck Clinic. Dr. Hickman has many years of experience and has helped me to discover my life again free from the struggles of Multiple Sclerosis.